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BLOOMINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: AT&T Invests Nearly $375 Million Over 3-Year Period to Boost Local Networks in Minnesota

At AT&T, we’ve invested nearly $375 million in our Minnesota wireless and wired networks during 2015-2017, including more than $275 million in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington areas.

BLOOMINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: SMART for Business: Bringing Excitement to Your Brand on Aug 9

Marketing, the act of connecting your product and services with customers, is a rapidly changing and always evolving discipline.

BLOOMINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: UPDATE Metro - 35W@94 Downtown to Crosstown in Minneapolis: 2017-2021 construction

With the end of July right around the corner, we are happy to say that the reopening of some of the bridges and ramps on the project are also right around the corner!

BLOOMINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: What’s New in Minneapolis – Summer 2018

Summer time in Minneapolis is festivals, concerts, biking, dining on patios, the X Games, riverfront fireworks and so much more.

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