University of Minnesota ranks 20th best in the nation for law schools, study finds

University of Minnesota finished 20th in a ranking of best law schools by U.S. News that examined 192 campuses around the nation.

The Minneapolis school’s full-time tuition was $44,919 annually. The law school enrolls 590 full-time students.

The universities ranked by U.S. News were all accredited by the American Bar Association. They were examined using weighted averages of 12 metrics, including a peer assessment, a score by attorneys and judges, admission test scores, the grade-point averages of median undergraduates, acceptance rates, the ability of 2017 graduates to find employment, percentages of students passing bar exams and student-faculty ratios.

U.S. News collected the data in fall of 2018 and earlier this year.


Top Law Schools in the U.S.

RankSchoolCityTuition Enrollment (Full-time)
1Yale University New Haven,  Conn.$64,267 (full-time)621
2Stanford University Stanford, Calif.$62,373 (full-time)565
3Harvard University Cambridge, Mass.$64,978 (full-time)1,737
4University of Chicago Chicago$64,089 (full-time)600
5Columbia University New York City$69,916 (full-time)1,268
6New York University New York City$66,422 (full-time)1,380
7University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia$65,804 (full-time)755
8University of Virginia Charlottesville$60,700 (in-state, full-time)923
9University of Michigan-Ann ArborAnn Arbor$59,762 (in-state, full-time)1,012
10 (tie)Duke University Durham, N.C.$64,722 (full-time)682
10 (tie)Northwestern University (Pritzker) Chicago$64,402 (full-time)752
10 (tie)University of California-Berkeley Berkeley$49,325 (in-state, full-time)976
13Cornell University Ithaca, N.Y.$65,541 (full-time)595
14Georgetown University Washington, D.C.$62,244 (full-time)1,790
15University of California-Los Angeles Los Angeles$45,600 (in-state, full-time)955
16University of Texas-Austin Austin$35,715 (in-state, full-time)997
17University of Southern California (Gould) Los Angeles$64,908 (full-time)614
18 (tie)Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tenn.$57,558 (full-time)577
18 (tie)Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, Mo.$57,445 (full-time)728
20University of Minnesota Minneapolis$44,919 (in-state, full-time590
21University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Ind.$58,358 (full-time)587
22George Washington University Washington, D.C. $60,790 (full-time)1,366
23 (tie)Boston UniversityBoston$55,076 (full-time)769
23 (tie)University of California-Irvine Irvine$45,099 (in-state, full-time)514
25University of Alabama (Culverhouse) Tuscaloosa$23,920 (in-state, full-time)381
26Emory University Atlanta$57,348 (full-time)864
27 (tie)Arizona State University (O'Connor) Phoenix$27,584 (in-state, full-time)779
27 (tie)Boston College Newton, Mass.$54,750 (full-time)737
27 (tie)University of Georgia Athens$19,708 (in-state, full-time)582
27 (tie)University of Iowa Iowa City$27,344 (in-state, full-time)416
31 (tie)University of California-Davis Davis$47,723 (in-state, full-time)530
31 (tie)University of Florida (Levin) Gainesville$21,803 (in-state, full-time)897
31 (tie)Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, N.C.$46,409 (full-time)496
34 (tie)Indiana University-Bloomington (Maurer) Bloomington$35,588 (in-state, full-time)519
34 (tie)Ohio State University (Moritz) Columbus$30,854 (in-state, full-time)563
34 (tie)University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chapel Hill$24,172 (in-state, full-time)621
34 (tie)University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison$23,517 (in-state, full-time)567
34 (tie)Washington and Lee University Lexington, Va.$49,355 (full-time)396
39 (tie)Brigham Young University (Clark)Provo, Utah$13,060 (LDS member, full-time); $26,120 (Non-LDS member, full-time)356
39 (tie)Fordham University New York City$60,406 (full-time)1,077
39 (tie)University of Arizona (Rogers) Tucson$25,826 (in-state, full-time)340
39 (tie)University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Champaign$38,118 (in-state, full-time)402
39 (tie)William & Mary Law School Williamsburg, Va.$34,000 (in-state, full-time)611
44University of Washington Seattle$35,988 (in-state, full-time)492
45 (tie)George Mason University Arlington, Va.$25,354 (in-state, full-time)425
45 (tie)University of Colorado-Boulder Boulder$31,898 (in-state, full-time)512
47University of Utah (Quinney) Salt Lake City$28,354 (in-state, full-time)279
48 (tie)Baylor University Waco, Texas$62,432 (full-time)426
48 (tie)Florida State University Tallahassee$20,693 (in-state, full-time)547
48 (tie)Temple University (Beasley) Philadelphia$27,103 (in-state, full-time)545
51Pepperdine University Malibu, Calif.$55,890 (full-time)473
52 (tie)Southern Methodist University (Dedman) Dallas$54,094 (full-time)678
52 (tie)Tulane University New Orleans$56,572 (full-time)602
52 (tie)University of Connecticut Hartford$30,338 (in-state, full-time)325
52 (tie)University of Maryland (Carey) Baltimore$33,651 (in-state, full-time)530
52 (tie)University of Richmond Richmond, Va.$44,700 (full-time)378
52 (tie)Yeshiva University (Cardozo) New York City$60,610 (full-time)891
58University of Nevada-Las VegasLas Vegas$27,023 (in-state, full-time)354
59 (tie)Seton Hall University Newark, N.J. $54,090 (full-time)450
59 (tie)University of Houston Houston$32,093 (in-state, full-time)603
59 (tie)University of Tennessee-Knoxville Knoxville$19,674 (in-state, full-time)360
62 (tie)Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles$57,230 (full-time)855
62 (tie)University of California (Hastings) San Francisco$44,326 (in-state, full-time)932
64 (tie)Northeastern UniversityBoston$50,700 (full-time)621
64 (tie)Pennsylvania State University-University Park University Park$50,984 (in-state, full-time)393
64 (tie)University of Missouri Columbia$21,837 (in-state, full-time)276
67 (tie)Georgia State UniversityAtlanta$17,050 (in-state, full-time)471
67 (tie)University of Denver (Sturm) Denver$50,942 (full-time)652
67 (tie)University of Kansas Lawrence$22,562 (in-state, full-time)312
67 (tie)University of Miami Coral Gables, Fla.$52,390 (full-time)1,019
71 (tie)Brooklyn Law School Brooklyn, N.Y.$55,038 (full-time)923
71 (tie)Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio$52,070 (full-time)433
71 (tie)Pennsylvania State University-Carlisle (Dickinson) Carlisle$50,582 (in-state, full-time)207
71 (tie)University of KentuckyLexington$24,046 (in-state, full-time)428
71 (tie)University of OklahomaNorman$20,903 (in-state, full-time)506
71 (tie)Villanova University Villanova, Penn.$46,535 (full-time)565
77 (tie)American University (Washington) Washington, D.C. $56,724 (full-time)1,097
77 (tie)Loyola University ChicagoChicago$48,506 (full-time)605
77 (tie)Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Newark and Camden$28,359 (in-state, full-time)901
77 (tie)St. John's University Jamaica, N.Y.$59,480 (full-time)687
77 (tie)University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln$16,078 (in-state, full-time)379
77 (tie)University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh$34,834 (in-state, full-time)410
83 (tie)Texas A&M UniversityFort Worth$31,000 (in-state, full-time)421
83 (tie)University of Cincinnati Cincinnati$24,010 (in-state, full-time)361
83 (tie)University of OregonEugene$35,418 (in-state, full-time)363
86University of San Diego San Diego$54,641 (full-time)616
87 (tie)Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent) Chicago$47,644 (full-time)620
87 (tie)University of New Hampshire School of Law Concord$37,405 (in-state, full-time)222
87 (tie)University of Tulsa Tulsa, Okla.$25,254 (full-time)255
90Saint Louis University St. Louis, Mo.$42,154 (full-time)452
91 (tie)Florida International University Miami$21,806 (in-state, full-time)371
91 (tie)Marquette University Milwaukee, Wis.$46,170 (full-time)532
91 (tie)Michigan State University East Lansing$44,400 (full-time)709
91 (tie)Syracuse University Syracuse, N.Y. $51,422 (full-time)545
91 (tie)University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Fayetteville$16,188 (in-state, full-time)343
91 (tie)University of Hawaii-Manoa (Richardson)Honolulu$23,164 (in-state, full-time)250
91 (tie)University of New MexicoAlbuquerque$17,349 (in-state, full-time)345
91 (tie)University of South Carolina Columbia$29,608 (in-state, full-time)630
91 (tie)Wayne State UniversityDetroit$32,882 (in-state, full-time)400
100 (tie)Drexel University (Kline) Philadelphia$44,195 (full-time)431
100 (tie)Hofstra University (Deane) Hempstead, N.Y.$59,214 (full-time)702
100 (tie)Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge (Hebert) Baton Rouge$23,660 (in-state, full-time)560
100 (tie)West Virginia University Morgantown$24,084 (in-state, full-time)322
104 (tie)Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern) Portland, Ore.$46,370 (full-time)446
104 (tie)Santa Clara UniversitySanta Clara, Calif.$50,624 (full-time)582
104 (tie)Stetson University Gulfport, Fla.$43,880 (full-time)695
104 (tie)University at Buffalo-SUNY Buffalo, N.Y.$27,964 (in-state, full-time)442
108 (tie)CUNY Long IslandNew York City$15,563 (in-state, full-time)417
108 (tie)Howard University Washington, D.C. $34,194 (full-time)414
108 (tie)Indiana University-Indianapolis (McKinney)Indianapolis$29,190 (in-state, full-time)709
108 (tie)The Catholic University of America Washington, D.C. $51,112 (full-time)254
108 (tie)University of Louisville (Brandeis) Louisville, Ky.$21,988 (in-state, full-time)363
108 (tie)University of Mississippi University$16,550 (in-state, full-time)364
108 (tie)University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, Mo.$19,440 (in-state, full-time)374
115 (tie)Albany Law School Albany, N.Y.$47,450 (full-time)465
115 (tie)University of Montana Missoula$13,177 (in-state, full-time)221
117 (tie)Creighton University Omaha, Neb.$40,096 (full-time)294
117 (tie)Gonzaga University Spokane, Wash.$40,665 (full-time)350
117 (tie)New York Law School New York City$51,732 (full-time)785
117 (tie)Texas Tech University Lubbock$26,840 (in-state, full-time411
117 (tie)University of St. Thomas Minneapolis$41,442 (full-time)434
122 (tie)Drake University Des Moines, Iowa$41,512 (full-time)306
122 (tie)Duquesne University Pittsburgh$44,944 (full-time)352
122 (tie)Pace University (Haub) White Plains, N.Y. $48,614 (full-time)548
122 (tie)Seattle University Seattle, Wash.$46,586 (full-time)495
126 (tie)Cleveland State University (Cleveland-Marshall) Cleveland, Ohio$27,209 (in-state, full-time)264
126 (tie)Quinnipiac University Hamden, Conn.$49,540 (full-time)264
126 (tie)University of Baltimore Baltimore$31,954 (in-state, full-time)467
126 (tie)University of Idaho Moscow and Boise$20,968 (in-state, full-time)314
126 (tie)University of MainePortland$23,640 (in-state, full-time)239
126 (tie)University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio$21,895 (in-state, full-time)231
132 (tie)Chapman University (Fowler) Orange, Calif.$53,124 (full-time)470
132 (tie)DePaul University Chicago$48,166 (full-time)600
132 (tie)University of Wyoming Laramie$16,775 (in-state, full-time)226
132 (tie)Washburn University Topeka, Kan.$22,429 (in-state, full-time)306
136 (tie)Ohio Northern University (Pettit)Ada$29,160 (full-time)147
136 (tie)Vermont Law School South Royalton$49,279 (full-time)445
138 (tie)Belmont University Nashville, Tenn.$44,470 (full-time)293
138 (tie)Loyola University New Orleans New Orleans$44,330 (full-time)426
138 (tie)Mercer University (George) Macon, Ga.$38,716 (full-time)394
138 (tie)University of Memphis (Humphreys) Memphis, Tenn.$19,197 (in-state, full-time)299
138 (tie)University of South Dakota Vermillion$16,944 (in-state, full-time)168
143 (tie)Suffolk University Boston$48,990 (full-time)709
143 (tie)University of Akron Akron, Ohio$24,214 (in-state, full-time)342
143 (tie)University of Arkansas-Little Rock (Bowen) Little Rock$16,031 (in-state, full-time)312
146 (tie)Appalachian School of Law Grundy, Va.$35,500 (full-time)146
146 (tie)Ave Maria School of Law Naples, Fla.$42,206 (full-time)241
146 (tie)Barry University Orlando, Fla.N/AN/A
146 (tie)California Western School of Law San Diego$52,470 (full-time)558
146 (tie)Campbell University Raleigh, N.C. $41,130 (full-time)426
146 (tie)Capital University Columbus, Ohio$37,001 (full-time)277
146 (tie)Charleston School of Law Charleston, S.C.$42,134 (full-time)627
146 (tie)Elon University Greensboro, N.C.$46,140 (full-time)359
146 (tie)Faulkner University (Jones) Montgomery, Ala.$39,185 (full-time)185
146 (tie)Florida A&M University Orlando$14,132 (in-state, full-time)391
146 (tie)Florida Coastal School of Law Jacksonville$39,900 (full-time)207
146 (tie)Golden Gate University San Francisco$50,000 (full-time)431
146 (tie)Liberty University Lynchburg, Va.$36,862 (full-time)186
146 (tie)Mississippi College Jackson$35,510 (full-time)356
146 (tie)Mitchell Hamline School of Law St. Paul, Minn.$43,534 (full-time)443
146 (tie)New England Law Boston Boston$49,408 (full-time)371
146 (tie)North Carolina Central University Durham, N.C.$18,738 (in-state, full-time)300
146 (tie)Northern Illinois University DeKalb$22,179 (in-state, full-time)260
146 (tie)Northern Kentucky University (Chase) Highland Heights$20,332 (in-state, full-time)283
146 (tie)Nova Southeastern University (Broad)Fort Lauderdale, Fla.$41,200 (full-time)525
146 (tie)Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City$35,340 (full-time)437
146 (tie)Regent UniversityVirginia Beach, Va.$36,620 (full-time)224
146 (tie)Roger Williams University Bristol, R.I.$36,815 (full-time)454
146 (tie)Samford University (Cumberland) Birmingham, Ala.$40,150 (full-time)425
146 (tie)South Texas College of Law Houston Houston$32,400 (full-time)727
146 (tie)Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Carbondale$22,564 (in-state, full-time)264
146 (tie)Southern University Law Center Baton Rouge, La.$16,490 (in-state, full-time)452
146 (tie)Southwestern Law School Los Angeles$53,966 (full-time)518
146 (tie)St. Mary's University San Antonio, Texas$36,550 (full-time)582
146 (tie)St. Thomas University Miami Gardens, Fla.$42,190 (full-time)533
146 (tie)Texas Southern University (Marshall) HoustonN/AN/A
146 (tie)The John Marshall Law School Chicago$47,500 (full-time)675
146 (tie)Touro College (Fuchsberg) Central Islip, N.Y.$49,800 (full-time)332
146 (tie)University of Dayton Dayton, Ohio$34,580 (full-time)244
146 (tie)University of Detroit Mercy Detroit$44,220 (full-time)506
146 (tie)University of La VerneOntario, Calif.N/AN/A
146 (tie)University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth North Dartmouth$28,626 (in-state, full-time)169
146 (tie)University of North Dakota Grand Forks, N.D. $13,023 (in-state, full-time)238
146 (tie)University of San Francisco San Francisco$49,820 (full-time)336
146 (tie)University of the District of Columbia (Clarke) Washington, D.C.$12,838 (in-state, full-time)123
146 (tie)University of the Pacific (McGeorge) Sacramento$51,312 (full-time)402
146 (tie)Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School LansingN/AN/A
146 (tie)Western New England University Springfield, Mass.$42,218 (full-time)183
146 (tie)Western State College of Law at Argosy University Irvine, Calif.$43,350 (full-time)274
146 (tie)Widener University-Delaware Wilmington$50,616 (full-time)376
146 (tie)Widener University-Pennsylvania (Commonwealth) Harrisburg$45,870 (full-time)244
146 (tie)Willamette University (Collins) Salem, Ore.$44,185 (full-time)312
Source: U.S. News

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