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Minnesota ranked No. 43 in 2019 business climate index

Minnesota finished at No. 43 among the 50 states in the Washington-based Tax Foundation’s analysis of how states’ tax systems affect their ability to attract and retain businesses.

Analysis: Minnesota posts 33rd highest drop in food stamps participants

Minnesota ranked No. 33 among 49 states and U.S. territories that saw reductions in food stamps participation, according to the latest numbers compiled by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Analysis: Minnesota on track to tax online sales

Minnesota is compliant with a U.S. Supreme Court decision outlining how states can go about requiring online retailers to collect sales taxes on products sold within their borders, according to an analysis by the Washington-based Tax Foundation.

Minneapolis development firm addressing state housing crisis

A staggering statewide report shows Minnesota needs to build an additional 10,000 homes per year to alleviate the state’s housing shortage. One Minneapolis developer is actively working to add more affordable homes to help solve the problem.

RUSH CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY: Girls Who Code Club to be held January 22

Girls Who Code 3rd-5th Grade Club is a community of girls who actively design, code, read, and explore together.

Analysis: Minnesota posted 18th highest sales tax burden per person in 2018

Among the 45 states that levy sales taxes, Minnesota ranked No. 18 for its per-capita sales tax collections, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers.

RED LAKE FALLS PUBLIC LIBRARY: Hiring at Northwest Regional Library

Northwest Regional Library is always looking for qualified substitutes to work at any of the 7 libraries in our system.

Minnesota posted 3rd highest corporate income tax in 2018

Among the District of Columbia and the 44 states that levy corporate income taxes, Minnesota ranked No. 3 for the top tax rate on business revenues, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers.

Analysis: Minnesota posted 4th highest individual income tax rate in 2018

Minnesota ranked No. 4 for its top individual income tax rate, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers that tracked the District of Columbia and the 43 states that levy such taxes

Minnesota gets ‘C’ grade in analysis of states’ fiscal health

Minnesota ranked No. 22 in a study of the state’s ability to pay all of its bills, including public employers’ pension benefits, according to a new ranking of the states’ fiscal health by Truth in Accounting (TIA).

Minnesota gets score of 74 on financial transparency

Minnesota earned above-average marks for its system of making annual budgetary data available to residents, according to a study by the Chicago-based policy institute Truth in Accounting (TIA).

HENNEPIN COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT: County board actions: Public hearing on transportation sales tax

Public hearing on transportation sales tax Hennepin County will host a public hearing to receive comments on proposed changes to the county's sales and use transportation tax implementation plan.

HENNEPIN COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER: Hennepin EMS and Hennepin Healthcare Emergency Medicine offer first aid training for encampment leaders

Hennepin EMS and Hennepin Healthcare Emergency Medicine professionals are offering an overdose first aid training session for leaders of the south Minneapolis homeless encampment, as well as a few leaders of the broader American Indian community.

Minnesota attorney general candidate linked to Farrakhan

MINNEAPOLIS -- As Minnesota prepares to elect a new attorney general, Democratic candidate Keith Ellison allegedly has shown allegiance to Louis Farrakhan during the debate with his opponent on Oct. 19.

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